• Lisa Frangeur

About Walz about falling

There are so many ways you can fall, and countless perspectives on doing it. A person, a concept, an opportunity, an idea can pull me in and I'm totally caught up with that little someone/something. It can be lovely and amazing but also scary as hell. Sooner or later the carpet is pulled away and I lie with my nose in the ground. Ouch! But "been there done that". I should know by now. But somehow I'm like that stubborn child exploring the world - I just have to know what's behind the corner and push myself just a little bit more. And at least I never fall for the same thing twice. Everything in life is about balancing, continuing to lose control, be brave and daring but at the same time keeping track of how far it is to the ground to be able to fall softly and not just headlong. And I'm practising, every single day.

This is a song about standing up for yourself and daring to believe in your own truth. Are you brave and curious enough to keep on falling? Cause if you never fall, you never learn about how things can appear from down below. Or how to get up and stand upright again.

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