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As a young music student I was doing classical singing as a major and my teacher always handed me these weird, really challenging songs. I specially remember a song cycle by Benjamin Britten namned "A Charm of Lullabies", giving different perspectives on bedtime songs and I was supposed to act the frustrated mother as a character. A mother who, like a crazy witch, threatened her child with stories about all the horrible things that would happen if the child did not fall asleep quickly as hell.

I evoked all the anger and frustration I could muster, but did not fully understand how a mother could feel that way for her child. Now, many years later, with experiences that only REAL LIFE can give you, I know all about it. I know everything about what's going thorough a mother's mind while she's putting her baby to sleep.

It is the greatest pleasure and a lot of hard work to carry out this procedure every night. Every. Single. Night. My song "Nightly" is a little bedtime song from my own personal perspective. It's a song about a love that is impossible to explain, a love that is so deep that I will keep on singing over and over, the whole night through, if that's what it takes to make my child feel safe. I'm sure every parent out there is more than familiar with this feeling.

Chasing stars Here with you filling up all of my heart In the dark In the silence of stories and fine art Counting stars You are safe You are hearing the whispers of my voice Lingers on Sings your song Keeps repeating it over and over again:

Let's now have some sleep Close your eyes for me Let's now have some peace Let's now have some

Counting stars with your fingers all wrapped up in my hair Breathe, my heart Quietly Let the pounding peter out Meet the stars

Let's now have some sleep Close your eyes for me Let's now have some peace Some sweet peace

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