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Pausing can mean so many different things. Short breaks, breaks for years… or even decades, who knows? But if it lasts for ever, it's not called a pause. Then it would be called quitting.

I’m having a big pause with performing live. Its not at all because I don’t love it and not because I don’t think I’m good enough or have inspiration. It’s about the organizing-thing. I have two kids and a part-time day-job as a vocal coach. And I’ve been organizing other people for my whole life. And honestly I can say I’ve been real good at it. It used to be one of my super-skills.

But in fact, having super-skills doesn't mean those skills make you happy or healthy.

The thing is I'm an introvert person who always thought she was an extrovert! I used to be the party host - and many of you know it. I love songwriting, singing and producing much more than I love making other stuff happen. I love spending time in my own head, with lyrics, sounds and ideas. So… with this new knowledge I just have to really master and manage my time to get as much creativity-time as possible to keep my head and health up!

The organizing once made me suffer from burn-out, and just the thought about coordinating instruments, transports, other peoples timetables and schedules… makes my brain foggy, I'm sorry. I need a real big pause from that. Not necessarily a long pause but an effective one. Organizing is supposed to give you clarity, not brain fog!

So now I just sing and write music as much as I can, deliberating myself from all that "being a good girl and organizing things", that’s so well coded in my DNA. So... if you wan't me to come and sing for you, of course I will consider it, and I might even put my body and soul into it (the singing-part!) - I just won't be "all over the place" to make it happen physically- cause there are SO MANY THINGS IN LIFE I wan't to enjoy. And my own health is one of them.

Take care of yourself out there. Without pauses - no music



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