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The recording of "Ceilings and Floors"

Uppdaterat: 22 jan. 2019

In the amazing surroundings on the countryside outside Kalmar we found "Luvehult Records".

My favourite place to be: by the Grand Piano at Luvehult Records.

"I had spent the whole spring writing and recording demo's of songs and arranging them for my musicians When we finally met up for this weekend in June, we just recorded right away - live and with no rehearsals. That's how it all happened!"

Luvehult Records is located a bit outside Kalmar and offers a fantastic atmosphere for recording. From the old 19th century grand piano you have a view of gardens and fences, which gives a presence and atmosphere that is directly reflected in the music. We moved in a weekend in June and went totally into a creator bubble of creativity, joy, sorrow and liberation. All songs are recorded live and we hope you can hear that we are totally present in what we do. #recording #musicstudio #luvehultrecords #ceilingsandfloors #lisafrangeur

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